We offer you the following services:

PVC covers and awnings. For example:
• sheeting
• pool covers
• for boats – driving covers with windows and protective covers for stopping on the shore
• container covers
• awnings and pavilions
• tents
• pavilions for exhibits and commerce
• small storages
• advertisements and stickers with installation

NB! It is possible to order metal structures and constructions for all of the products from us!

Sheeting and sheets:
• for trailers
• for dump trucks
• for barrows
•for vans
• maintenance and repairs

PVC curtains and bulkheads:
• storage curtains
• garages
• workshops
• separations for rooms
• jalousies for cold stores
• noise and dust barriers

Additional information:
It is possible to order all of the curtains and bulkheads as opaque, light transmissive, netting material, or also as a wind wall or air permeable.
Curtains and bulkheads are hanged up with rollers and this ensures their light movement along the galvanized busbar.
If needed we will attach the galvanized busbar to floor space.
Stoppers are attached at the end of the busbars, which will ensure that the PVC curtain will not run off the busbar.
In addition, outboard poles have an attachment for curtains in order for the PVC to stay in place and will not move away from it position in an open or closed condition.

PVC halls:
• hangars
• storages
• industrial spaces
• manufacturing spaces
• buildings for storing technology
• temporary rooms

Our PVC building solutions are mounted to a galvanized or to a painted steel metal structure, which is easy to dismantle or move afterwards.
If necessary, we will prepare a project for the order or will carry out the work with the project of the customer.

Features and benefits of PVC:
• incorrodible
• weather proof
• extremely resistant, more than 25 years
• cheap alternative for many building materials
• repaintable, -stickable, printable
• main products weigh 600g – 900 g/m2